Connected Class

Connected Class – Our Exclusive Online Study Website & Mobile App

At James An College, we’ve developed an online study website and mobile application called Connected Class which is exclusive to, and can effectively support students with their learning and academic confidence in the 21st century. Connected Class is designed to focus, revise and review the James An College courses, with extra learning materials also available to help students explore various types of questions and feel more confident in their coursework.


Supporting Both Primary and Secondary Study

Connected Class provides:

Primary Course

  • English – Comprehension workbook
  • English – Workbook
  • Writing practice – Tips and Guides of the writing task of current week
  • Maths – Workbook
  • Maths – Problem Solving
  • Homework Notices – Show the students which homework needs to be done for the given week
  • Naplan Test – Practice Naplan Test for Years 3 & 5 (2sets) – During March ~ May


Three sets of MEGA Tests (English/Maths/GA) will be available to primary students via the Web Connected Class.

Trial Test Course

For TT6 and TT8 course, Connected Class provides up to 50 practice online tests from James An College per year (please see the Connected Class timetable provided every year). Connected Class will also provide up to 60 questions for the class trial test on the following week.

  • Maths – Mathematics ACER
  • Maths – Mathematics EDU
  • Maths – Numerical Reasoning EDU
  • English – Reading Comprehension EDU
  • English – Verbal Reasoning EDU
  • English – Humanities ACER

Secondary Course

  • English – English Workbook
  • Maths – Mathematics Workbook
  • Maths – Topics
  • Homework Notices – Show the students which homework needs to be done for the given week

Revision Test

Two sets of Revision Test (English/Maths) will be available to secondary students via the Web Connected Class.

Class Tests on Connected Class

Students will have access to class tests (i.e. Mega test, Revision tests, TT tests and JMSS tests) on the Connected Class website. These tests assist in measuring you child’s progress and their understanding of concepts and ideas that were introduced during the term.

Our online tests have been developed to help your child to perform better in school and help reinforce good test taking techniques. Each test is timed to simulate an actual test environment so your child can practice time management and build confidence during a real test.

Test taking has never been made easier than with Connected Class. Students can access and complete tests every week at their own convenience, with test results made available the following week. The video below will demonstrate how to access our online tests on Connected Class.



Mobile App

The mobile app is perfect for revision and short practice tests on the go. It’s the most convenient way to access your courses which will supplement your learning in and outside of classroom. It also allows students to access resources in a much more personalized way, offering a profound impact on learning.

Download Our Mobile App Today

James An College is leading the way when it comes to online study and further learning apps.

Connected Class can be accessed on any device with internet access and is available for Android phones through the Google Play store and through the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Contact us for more information about how our app can support students with their education, or download the app today to discover its many features.