John Monash Science School


John Monash Science School (JMSS)

The John Monash Science School is a Co-educational school devoted to the pursuit of excellence in Science, Mathematics and associated technologies due to a unique partnership between the Victorian Government and Monash University. The School located on the university’s Clayton Campus is structured as a specialist senior secondary school and caters for students in Year 10 through to Year 12 with access to the resources of Monash University. Monash University has committed significant resources and has dedicated staff in both the Facilities of Education and Science to support the students and staff at the John Monash Science School. This course includes two subjects which are Mathematics and Science.

‘We are proud to say that more than 60 percent of James An College students from our JMSS Class has been accepted into John Monash Science School’

Students who aim for the exam of John Monash Science School should build up their knowledge based on required entry year level in science and mathematics. With our new JMSS curriculum and brand-new study materials, we can help students to learn more in depth and improve their concepts and knowledge of science and mathematics to reach and achieve their goal. JAC also provide students practical tests from November until the exam. These tests are designed by former JMSS Student who are now med-students and teachers.

Science Tutor in Melbourne

At James An College, we believe that quality Science education is just as important as English and Maths. Our Science tutor in Melbourne can empower students of all ages not only by helping them to better understand how the world works, but also through encouraging them to explore and investigate on their own. Children armed with science skills are much better equipped to integrate themselves within and make positive contributions to a rapidly changing technologically driven society.

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There’s no better choice than James An College when you want a fully qualified Science tutor in Melbourne. Give our headquarters a call on (03) 9362 0051 or contact your closest centre to learn more about what we can do for your child and how we can help them to achieve their potential.

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