Scholarship School – TT6

Scholarship Exam Preparation in Melbourne

Applying for a scholarship can involve sitting tests and exams that assess knowledge and abilities. The prospect of being underprepared and failing can cause immense stress and anxiety. Fortunately, the staff at James An College can provide scholarship test practice and scholarship exam preparation in Melbourne. This can help to make students feel much better equipped and confident.

Trial Test 6 (TT6)

Trial test 6 (TT6) is specially designed for year 5 students who are preparing for private school scholarship test and exam requirements as part of their high school or college applications. The course includes practical learning experiences and exposes students to very similar types of questions that will be in the exam, which is important in order for them to excel in the actual test.

Our scholarship preparation in Melbourne includes 90 trial test papers for English and Mathematics which are held every 2 consecutive weeks. Students will be given a report for every test to measure their performance. Additionally, test questions are reviewed and explained thoroughly by our fully qualified teachers. TT6 classes runs for 3 and a half hours with an extra free tutorial class each week.

Free Tutorials

Free tutorials are available every week with the main purpose of assisting students with challenging questions, explaining the solutions and techniques of the problem carefully to students. Extra tutorial would be beneficial in helping student fully understand concepts covered on previous week.

Connected Class

Connected Class is an application that is developed exclusively for James An College Students. Connected Class functions including extra materials for practising and video recordings explaining through all the problems in detail. Students will be able to revise previous topics and practise on current topics.

Excellent Support for Students

For students who need extra help with challenging questions or problem solving techniques, we run free tutorials every week to support them. We want them to fully understand the concepts that have been covered in previous weeks so that they can feel confident with future material. We’ve also created an application exclusively for our students called Connected Class, providing access to extra materials for revising previous topics, practicing current topics and preparing for future topics.

Start Your Scholarship Test Practice Today

At James An College, our scholarship coaching in Melbourne is second to none. Contact the staff at your nearest JAC centre who can answer any questions you have about our scholarship test practice. Find relevant phone numbers and addresses by checking out our contact page.

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