Secondary School

Regular course for Secondary students: Year 7- Year 10

Regular Courses are offered to all students from Year 1 to Year 10. These courses continue throughout the year (regardless of school holidays and public holidays) and aim to further develop students’ knowledge and enhance understanding of fundamentals in all subject areas. The Regular Course classes run for an hour each subject.

Secondary Regular Courses are consisting of three subjects, which are Mathematics, English and Science.

  • Mathematics include weekly classwork and homework exercises which aims to help students improve self-learning skills effectively and develop logical thinking abilities.
  • English helps students develop comprehension skills, vocabulary and grammar skills and prepare for VCE English.
  • Science is designed to help students gain a throughout understandings of all topics.

Revision Test
JAC Revision Tests are available for secondary students to reflect all the topics covered throughout the term (every 10 weeks).

The tests are designed to help students familiar with the style and scope of the question paper, inculcate their confidence and strengthen their time management skill in exam situations.

The results are then inputted into JAC special program that processes the data recorded and compare their results to other students.

Connected Class
Connected Class is an application that is developed exclusively for James An College Students. Connected Class functions include extra materials for practising and video recordings explaining through all the problems in detail. Students will be able to revise previous topics and practise on current topics.

Free Tutorials
Free tutorials are available every week with the main purpose of assisting students with challenging questions, explaining the solutions and techniques of the problem carefully. Extra tutorial would be beneficial in helping student fully understand concepts covered on previous week.