Secondary School

High School English, Maths & Science Tutoring

At James An College, our regular courses are offered to all students from Year 7 to Year 10. Courses run for an hour each subject and aim to develop knowledge and understanding across all subject areas. We can help students grasp the fundamentals and help them learn more advanced skills. Our courses continue throughout the year regardless of school holidays and public holidays. You can rely on our maths and English tutors to help secondary students to achieve their personal best.

Our Secondary Regular Courses

Our secondary regular courses consist of three subjects, including English, mathematics and science:

  • Mathematics includes weekly classwork and homework exercises which aim to help students improve their self-learning skills effectively and develop their logical thinking abilities.
  • English helps students develop comprehension, vocabulary and grammar skills and prepare for VCE English.
  • Science is designed to help students gain a throughout understandings of all topics.

Whether you need general maths tutors to consolidate the basics or a specialist maths tutor who can teach more advanced skills, we can help. Our English and maths tutor Melbourne price is relatively competitive, allowing students from all backgrounds to benefit from our assistance.

JAC Revision Test

JAC revision tests are available for secondary students to reflect on all the topics covered throughout the term (every 10 weeks). The tests are designed to help students familiarise themselves with the style and scope of the question paper. This preparation increases their confidence and strengthens their time management skill in exam situations. The results are then inputted into our JAC special program that processes the data recorded and compares their results to other students.

Organise a High School Tutor Today

At James An College, we do our best to support and prepare secondary school students, giving them the best opportunity to succeed. We also run free tutorials every week to support students with their development, as well as providing access to our exclusive Connected Class app that has extra materials for revision and practice.

Get in touch with our secondary English tutors, maths tutors and science tutors today to learn more about how we can help students achieve their personal best.

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