Writing Class

Writing Class for TT6 and TT8

Power / Special Writing Course aims to help student be confident in writing a wide range of genres, enhance their comprehension skills to further develop expression critical judgments of variety of text types on everyday basis. Writing skills supplements English skills which will benefits students in further progressing of other units.

Writing Courses are designed to encourage students to:

  • Develop an understanding of the reading and writing processes
  • Develop expression, style and mechanics in reading and writing
  • Examine structure and organisation of text/stimulus material
  • Extend comprehension/vocabulary
  • Understand concepts of purpose, audience and style
  • Write in a variety of text-types
  • Develop sequencing and story-mapping skills

Writing Classes in Melbourne

At James An College, we’re proud to offer comprehensive writing courses in Melbourne. We tailor our lessons to suit the current ability of the student, encouraging them to develop their skills. Whether they want more practice for important writing tests and exams or they simply want to express themselves with more confidence, our dedicated writing classes in Melbourne can help.

Setting a Good Foundation

Our writing tutors believe that good writers are also avid readers. We encourage our students to read a wide range of texts, exposing them to many different genres and styles to better understand reading and writing processes. This helps them to improve comprehension, develop good writing instincts, extend their vocabulary, improve their critical thinking, and much more.

Utilising New Skills

Our academic writing course in Melbourne gives students the opportunity to learn and utilise new skills. This includes dissecting passages from novels and academic journals, writing responses to a variety of texts and questions, identifying the stylistic and persuasive techniques that writers use, recognising genre conventions, and participating in creative or imaginative exercises.

Preparing for the Future

Our professional writing courses in Melbourne prepare students for success at further studies as well as in the workforce. We offer a step-by-step approach from basic to advanced levels, helping students to prepare for the reading and writing components of important tests such as the NAPLAN and private school scholarship tests.

Improve Your Writing Skills Today

You can’t go wrong choosing James An College for professional writing courses in Melbourne. Get in touch with us today by calling your nearest centre or our headquarters in Braybrook. You can also fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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