Enghish Tutoring

Regular Courses

Regular Courses are offered to all students from Year 1 to Year 10. These courses continue throughout the year (regardless of school holidays and public holidays) and its designed to further develop and expand students’ knowledge and understanding of fundamentals in all subject areas. The Regular Course classes run for an hour each subject.

Primary Courses (From Grade 1 to Grade 6)

Subjects that are included in primary course are:

  • English helps the students develop comprehension skills, vocabulary and grammar skills
  • Writing Skills help students gain confidence in their writing and general communication skills.​
  • Mathematics help the students learn from basics, this course works up to challenging levels of problem-solving
  • General Ability help the students improve their ability to reason logically

Secondary Courses (From Grade 7 to Grade 10)

Secondary Regular Courses are consist of three subjects, which are Mathematics, English and Science.

  • Mathematics include weekly classwork and homework exercises which aim to help students improve self-learning skills effectively and develop logical thinking abilities.
  • English helps the student develop comprehension skills, vocabulary and grammar skills and prepare for VCE English
  • Science is designed to help students gain a throughout understandings of all topics

Scholarship Preparation Courses (TT6, TT8, JMSS)

Our Trial Test will help students enhance their understanding on the subjects. Test result using computerised marking system will be provided on the following week of each test and test questions will be discussed by teacher after every test.

Trial Test 6 (TT6)

TT6 courses are specially designed for Year 5 students who are preparing for Scholarship Exams. This course is developed to give students practical learning experience and get ready for the ACER and/ or EDU- Test scholarship examination. TT6 class runs for 3 and a half hours with extra free tutorial class each week. The class will expose students to very similar types of questions in the exam and our Exclusive Mobile Application “Connected Class” will help students develop the necessary test skills as well as achieving a high degree of education.

Trial Test 8 (TT8)

Selective School exam preparation course, also known as TT8 courses, is designed for current year 7 students who are preparing for Selective School Entrance Exam in Year 8. This course consists of three parts. Trial Test will be held in two consecutive weeks, followed by a week for learning and developing skills and up to 50 Online Tests during 1 year of course (Connected Class). The duration of the course is 3.5 hours and extra free tutorial each week. This course will prepare students for the independent School Scholarship Test and / or Selective School, such as Melbourne High, Mac Robertson Girls’ High, Nossal High and Suzanne Cory entrance exams.

John Monash Science School (JMSS)

The John Monash Science School is a Co-educational school devoted to the pursuit of excellence in Science, Mathematics and associated technologies due to a unique partnership between the Victorian Government and Monash University. The School located on the university’s Clayton Campus is structured as a specialist senior secondary school and caters for students in Year 10 through to Year 12 with access to the resources of Monash University. Monash University has committed significant resources and has dedicated staff in both the Facilities of Education and Science to support the students and staff at the John Monash Science School. This course includes two subjects which are Mathematics and Science.

‘We are proud to say that more than 60 percent of James An College students from our JMSS Class has been accepted into John Monash Science School’

Students who aim for the exam of John Monash Science School should build up their knowledge based on required entry year level in science and mathematics. With our new JMSS curriculum and brand-new study materials, we can help students to learn more in depth and improve their concepts and knowledge of science and mathematics to reach and achieve their goal. JAC also provide students practical tests from November until the exam. These tests are designed by former JMSS Student whom are now med-students and teachers.

Power Writing Courses for TT6 & TT8

In the Power / Special Writing Courses, students will be able to explore various text types and become confident in their application. Writing practice is needed for students to improve their comprehension skills, so that they can become better at responding to any question. Students will be given the opportunity to make appropriate response to a variety of texts based on everyday life.

Reading is also crucial to developing the foundation for further studies and eventually the workforce. It sets the foundation for good writing skills and comprehension skills that will become crucial as the child progresses through life.

This continuous program is designed to help students to explore various text types and become confident in their application. Students are encouraged to read widely, so they can become imaginative and capable individuals.

Special Writing Courses are designed to encourage students to:

  • Develop an understanding of the reading and writing processes
  • Develop expression, style and mechanics in reading and writing
  • Examine structure and organisation of text/stimulus material
  • Extend comprehension/vocabulary
  • Understand concepts of purpose, audience and style
  • Write in a variety of text-types
  • Develop sequencing and story-mapping skills
  • Develop the use of questioning skills
  • Explore thought and content
  • Understand conventions of structure
  • Analyse and interpret content
  • Think critically
  • Extend personal knowledge

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Courses

To help Year 11 and 12 students prepare for the VCE SACs (School assessed coursework) and final VCE exams. Our experienced teachers are more than happy to answer all of your questions so that you are thoroughly prepared and feel confident on the day of your exams.

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