Online Learning

James An College would like to update you on how JAC is going to support our students during a nationwide lockdown.

Key updates

  • Real-Time online classes will be provided by using ‘Zoom’. A link to the online class will be sent with detail instructions on how to participate in the class
  • Answers to workbooks (both main class and extra class) will be uploaded to Connected Class.
  • Please continue practice with Connected Class materials

1. Real-time Online Teaching

In light of the recent surge, we’ve decided to launch online learning using two platforms. One is ‘Connected Class’, which JAC students have been using at James An College, the other is ‘Zoom’ (, which we will be using to host online classes in real-time. The class timetable can be found on the link below this page. The timetable may change after school holiday. During the online class, students will be able to see weekly lessons according to JAC lesson plan & homework schedule and able to ask questions to teachers online if they have.

2. Connected Class still available for your study and more materials available

On top of the new online teaching platform, Connected Class will be continuously available for students to study. Answers to all workbook questions, extra test papers and more video lessons will be available.

Please click here to open JAC E-Learning Portal